E/M Wave, Inc. engineers and markets a growing line of unique mobile and fixed station communications antenna products.  Our Primary focus is to maximize the Antenna Value in every product to meet or exceed customer expectations!  We incorporate unique quality features that deliver more Value that our customers can understand, experience, and appreciate.  These are the attributes that set us apart from the competition.  It's a Quality effort, and it's the right thing to do!  Harvest the savings without sacrificing the quality!

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New Products

E/M Wave Wide Band Advantage EM-B40004-NJ & EM-B40005-NJ Multi-Band IDAS Ceiling Mount Antenna EM-BSA001 NMO to N Jack Adapter

E/M Wave Signature Products

EM-M20007-LTE-Poly-Pro EM-M22001 LMR Poly Pro Antenna

*Patent Pending*

EMFLX3A-01RP/02RP EM-P90111-SFK ¼ Wave
Molded Portable Antenna

E/M Wave Antenna Product Selection Guide & Events

Antenna Selection Guide Why E/M Wave? EM-BGT13006-TJ GPS/GLNSS(L1) Timing Antenna and Mount Kit

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