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About Us

Who We Are

E/M Wave, Inc. was founded in 2006 by a core team of seasoned Sales and Engineering professionals from the mobile communications antenna industry.  Several key members of this team had worked together for over 15 years with the Antenna Specialists Division of Allen Telecom Group, and with their combined experiences of over 40 years in the industry, E/M Wave carries a distinct advantage in designing and marketing innovative mobile antenna products for both existing and emerging markets.

The mobile communications industry has changed significantly over the last 30 years, with increased operational frequency bands coupled with higher frequency spectrums. Most antenna manufacturers primarily focus on modifying scalable products for these emerging frequency bands and technologies, often overlooking opportunities to improve or innovate existing products. But at E/M Wave, by listening to our customers and customizing products for specific needs, we seek develop enhanced products for a variety of vehicular and fixed point applications that work for our customers.

The E/M Wave advantage starts with an experienced understanding of customer expectations, coupled with innovative engineering, quality components, and competitive manufacturing, We offer our customers greater antenna value for their money!

Our Mission

E/M Wave, Inc. is committed to helping our customers communicate through innovative RF and wireless solutions, and do so by exceeding your expectations for quality antenna design, performance, and reliability—all to provide you the best value for your investment.

What We Do

E/M Wave, Inc. designs, engineers and markets a unique line of mobile and fixed station RF communications antennas with a key focus on maximizing antenna value.

With over 40 years of combined Sales, Marketing, and Engineering experience in the mobile communications industry, we have resolved decades of poor SWR performance, broken whips, bandwidth deficiencies, intermittent contacts, corroded parts, and more—all by applying better design.

We invite you to bring us your current communications problems. Our primary objective is to address your needs.  E/M Wave designs and introduces innovative antenna solutions, incorporating unique features that deliver measurable value.  Delivering value to make your investment worthwhile: that’s our goal.

E/M Wave Founders

Robert Truthan

Mr. Truthan brings more than 25 years of Antenna Design/Management experience to E/M Wave including aircraft, base station and vehicular/mobile antenna design.  After leaving Northrop Corporation in 1991, he joined Antenna Specialists as Antenna Design Engineer, focusing his efforts on base station design for Cellular, SMR, and PCS markets.  While at A/S, his contributions included extensive work on the industry’s first field adjustable vertical beam tilt omni-directional antenna, known as “VARI-TILT™”.  His following design work moved A/S into directional log periodic and panel arrays, which quickly evolved into the industry’s first generation of low PIM products required to meet the rigorous demands of the emerging CDMA, GSM and other digital networks.

Mr. Truthan assumed the position of Director of Engineering in 2000.  From this position, he led the design group through emerging markets in fixed and vehicular applications requiring Dual and Multi-Band Antenna Systems.  These also included special applications for Satellite Radio.  A/S achieved key partnership status with XM Satellite Radio and collaborated on the initial launch of the new satellite service in October 2001.  These systems provided in-building distribution service for all retail partners, including wireless coverage systems to meet the in-building coverage requirements for new portable devices.  Satellite Radio products included patents for the market’s first low loss passively coupled Vehicular On-Glass® and head end receiving antennas for the retail distribution systems.  Other successes included OE driven applications for Heavy Truck and Marine applications.

Andrew Corporation acquired A/S through the Allen Telecom acquisition in 2003 where he took management responsibility for several product lines owned and managed by Andrew’s Mobile Antenna Products Group, including Micro-Pulse and Andrew’s Automotive OE lines.  PCTEL acquired the Antenna Specialists Division (2004) where he moved into Director of Business Development for PCTEL Antenna Products Group, responsible for the Andrew Corporation/Antenna Specialists transition and product lines.

Mr. Truthan holds multiple patents for satellite and multi-band antenna technologies with several currently pending.  He is a BSEE graduate from The Ohio State University.

Kim Goryance

Mr. Goryance enjoyed a thirty year career in various Sales and Marketing roles with the Antenna Specialists Division of Allen Telecom Incorporated, having served his last ten years as Divisional President.  In 1992, he proposed and initiated the discussions that lead to the acquisition of the Alliance Group by Allen.

During his tenure with Antenna Specialists, Kim oversaw the introductory launches of innovative wireless communications antennas and products such as the original patented On-Glass® mobile antenna which became an icon for the cellular industry; the first VARI-TILT™ Omni-Directional base station antenna with field adjustable Variable Electrical Beam Tilt capability; the compact and affordable Extend-A-Cell cellular repeater for hole filling along major thoroughfares and urban canyons, and their revolutionary line of high performance site management filter products utilizing leading edge ceramic and strip line technologies.  In 2001, Antenna Specialists designed and manufactured the first specialty Truck, Marine and On-Glass antennas for XM Radio as well as the first in-building repeater kits for Satellite Radio retail partners enabling them to demonstrate the new SDARS service for in-store customers.

In 2003, Allen Telecom Group was acquired by Andrew Corporation and Kim assumed the role of Vice President and General Manager of Andrew’s Mobile Antenna Products group.  In November 2004, Andrew’s Mobile Antenna Products Group was acquired by PCTEL.

Mr. Goryance completed his B.A. at Cleveland State University and his Master in Business Administration at Lake Erie College.

Tony Zupancic

Mr. Zupancic brings over 10 years of quality, product and procurement experience to E/M Wave which he accumulated while working for Antenna Specialists.  Throughout his tenure, Tony was focused on the ideology of (CPI) Continuous Process Improvement.  He supported this effort in his roles of Senior Cost Analyst, Project Manager, and Product / Engineering Procurement Manager for Antenna Specialists.  In his latter role, Tony was responsible for qualifying and establishing new vendors that could support the quality and delivery requirements of A/S.  As Lead ISO Auditor, he gained a thorough understanding of the business through conducting and training others to perform internal ISO audits in both, the manufacturing and administrative areas.

Mr. Zupancic is a graduate of Lincoln Extension Institute for Industrial Management, APICS certified, and certified for ISO Internal Auditing through Becker and Associates.