E/M Wave Advantage

#10 Stainless Steel

E/M Wave radiating antenna whips are all one-piece 17-7 or 303 stainless steel... black chrome plated for exquisite, durable appearance and a highly conductive RF signal.

#9 Extra Protection for Your Mount

Over-molded TPV skirt extends down below the O-ring seal to add an extra level of weatherproofing for the mount!

#8 X-Nuts™ Over Chrome Nuts

A Q-Wave antenna with a solid RF path of metal-to-metal contact from the ball tip to the silver plated contact in the dual sealed weatherproof base!

#7 New Poly Springs

E/M-Flex springs improved polymer design outperforms and outlasts traditional steel springs by weather sealing the tin-plated copper wire from the environment.

#6 Almost Indestructible

All E/M Wave radomes and housings are molded out of high-impact resistant Xenoy™ compound... a polycarbonate alloy commonly used in the automotive industry to mold face plates and bumpers.

#5 No Dissimilar Metals

Press-fit brass ball tips and adapters enhance antenna safety and performance. Brass adaptors, radiators, and base rings provide optimum strength and durability.

#4 Up to 15% More Bandwidth

Higher gain whips with open air wound phasing coils! No ABS tubes or over-molded materials, better bandwidth and RF conductivity!

#3 Warranty

E/M Wave stands firmly behind their designs and quality with a "best-in-class" two year warranty on all models!

#2 Performance

Application-driven designs are guaranteed to meet or exceed all E/M Wave published specifications! Compare!

#1 More Antenna Value

E/M Wave combines the E/M Wave warranty, innovative feature engineering, quality RF components, and a very competitive price!