Yagi Antennas

E/M Wave offers two directional 6 element (700/800 MHz and 900 MHz) and one 7 element (400 MHz) Yagi antennas. EM-B11809 operates on the 760-870 MHz frequencies for use in applications such as public safety, LMR, P25, TETRA, and DAS while EM-B11909 operates on the 890-960 MHz frequencies for similar applications, including 902-928 MHz ISM band. EM-B11410 operates on the 450-470 MHz frequencies for public safety applications. All three Yagi antennas feature rugged aluminum construction, UV and environmentally resistant black powder coat finish, a boom of 3/4" 6063 aluminum, and solid rod radiators of 3/8" 6061 aluminum. They can be mounted for V or H polarization. Each model includes an integrated plenum type feed cable, and all mounting hardware.

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EM-BY11709-NJ 6 Element Yagi Antenna 760-870 MHz 9 dBi / 6.9 dBd
EM-B11909 900 MHz 6 Element Yagi Antenna 890-960 MHz 9.5 dBi
EM-B11809 700/800 MHz 6 Element Yagi Antenna 760-870 MHz 9.5 dBi
EM-BY11410-NJ 7 Element Yagi Antenna 450-470 MHz 10 dBi / 7.9 dBd