30 MHz Wide Band VHF Antenna

July 31, 2015
E/M Wave continues innovative developments for the VHF LMR market by introducing the fixed frequency, "no tune", wide band EMFLX-M10008-WB antenna, with an instantaneous operational frequency of 144-174 MHz. The antenna is planned for formal introduction at the International APCO 2015 Conference and Exhibition, Washington DC, and can be reviewed at E/M Wave booth #910.
The antenna is designed to meet the increasing demand for high performance wide band VHF operation, for federal, state and all government agencies. "Wide Band" is an E/M Wave designation, chosen to depict bandwidth broader than traditional broadband quarter-wave antennas, and operating with a fixed 30 MHz instantaneous operational band.
The EMFLX-M10008-WB provides a 50% increase in bandwidth over traditional broadband quarter-wave antennas, operating in the VHF LMR/Public Safety bands. Traditional VHF broad band quarter-waves can provide approximately 16-20 MHz of bandwidth at 2:1 VSWR for various band segments, when properly field tuned by the installer. The EMFLX-M10008-WB provides 30 MHz of fixed bandwidth for 1.8:1 maximum VSWR, and does not require cutting/tuning by the installer, saving valuable time and installation costs.