Heavy Duty NMO Magnetic Mount

October 09, 2018

E/M Wave Inc., an antenna design, engineering, and manufacturing firm, is pleased to announce the release of the Heavy Duty Magnetic NMO mount, part numbers EM-MAG-058-HD and EM-MAG-195-HD. The magnetic mount operates on up to 1000 MHz and is specifically designed for lower frequency, large aperture antennas operating in the VHF and UHF bands.

The Heavy Duty Magnetic mount is designed to provide more than 50 lbs of pull force retention. The mount is especially designed for extreme off-road vehicle and high speed pursuit vehicle applications where vibration and wind loading can cause magnetic mount failure. An optional rubber boot is supplied to maximize the surface protection while maintaining high strength magnetic attachment, for all conditions.

Furthermore, the robust mechanical features guarantee durability and endurance. The magnet base is manufactured using 14ga steel, with a black powder coat finish. The electrical interface is comprised of all brass components, finished in a black chrome plating to enhance conductivity and environmental resistance.

The mount includes 17 ft. of cable, and will accommodate any RG-58 type coaxial connector, sold separately.