New FME NMO Cable Mount Series

September 27, 2021

E/M Wave, Inc. announced two (2) new high quality FME-NMO cable antenna mounts EM-M11001-FME-058 and EM-M11001-FME-195. The NMO mounts include 17 ft. of premium RG-58/U or low loss (LL)195 coaxial cable and factory attached FME female connector, saving professional technicians time and simplifying mobile radio antenna installation.

The FME NMO mounts provide the same heavy-duty all brass, silver-plated contact, quality construction used on all E/M Wave NMO mount models and eliminate the crimping and soldering of the cable connector. Vice President of Engineering, Robert Truthan, adds: “These new FME mounts will reduce installation time and improve overall mobile radio installation quality.”

FME NMO mounts are designed for all applications requiring high quality NMO antenna mounts. In addition, FME adapters to accommodate all mobile radio connector termination requirements are sold separately.