No Spring NMO Mount Antennas

May 06, 2019

E/M Wave Inc., an antenna design, engineering, and manufacturing firm, is pleased to announce our new line of No Spring NMO Mount Antennas, featuring six models with operating frequency bands ranging from 108 to 520 MHz and 2 to 3 dB gain.

E/M Wave No Spring Antennas provide a cost-effective solution for mobile or fixed point applications. For stationary base repeaters, SCADA and Telemetry applications, where antenna impact risk is low or non-existent, these no spring models provide highly reliable signal radiation without sacrificing RF performance.

The innovative E/M Wave no spring antenna design integrates a low profile whip adapter, black chrome covert appearance and silicone rubber hand grip, providing for easy, on-off installation, without requiring tools. Simply thread the antenna to the mount with firm hand torque. After hand tightening, the antenna provides IP67 ingress protection with the dual seal NMO base design architecture.

Important Note: For all UHF and VHF mobile/vehicular antenna installations involving extended vehicle height or risk of potential impact, E/M Wave always recommends the use of the EMFLX™ series poly spring antennas to reduce damage from low clearance obstructions and high-speed impact. However, when a poly spring is not required, the LS series antenna will maintain the integrity and performance experienced with all E/M Wave LMR antenna products.