VHF Portable Antennas

August 06, 2018

E/M Wave, Inc. is pleased to introduce a new line of VHF Portable Antennas including wide bandwidths and compatible OEM connectors for a variety of applications. These six models of E/M Wave VHF portable antennas cover frequency ranges from 118 MHz to 174 MHz, and provide OEM compatible alternates for Land Mobile Radio, Public Safety and Railroad applications. The new VHF portable antenna line includes SF-Motorola™, SFK-Kenwood™, MD-Harris™, SM-SMA Male connectors, augmenting direct replacement for most radio manufactures.

High performance models EM-P90810, EM-P90918, and EM-P90013 provided excellent signal reception and efficient power transmission in all geographic terrain and in-building coverage systems. The rugged weatherproof antennas meet your system performance requirements without sacrificing signal integrity.

Two unique models, EM-P90007 and EM-P90014, are field tunable, permitting the user to adjust the antenna to user defined frequencies by either telescopic adjustment or trimming the radiator length for the desired frequency. Both models are manufactured with a BNC connector and are ideal for test equipment and remote portable monitoring or test devices.

EM/Wave, Inc. recently issued a new brochure which identifies all E/M Wave portable replacement antenna offerings, including specifications and connector interface options.

Our mission is always to produce the highest quality antennas, with honesty and integrity.

Please contact us to send your message requesting a brochure today or call directly at 216-815-2923.