Outdoor Antennas

E/M Wave outdoor antennas include mobile antennas, two-way radio antennas, and base station antennas. Mobile antennas are usually attached to a car top and include whip antennas, gps, dual band, and low profile antennas. Whip and dual band antennas have an internal o-ring and an outer over-molded skirt for weatherproofing the antenna. Two-way radio outdoor antennas are weatherproof and rugged. Base station antennas include fiberglass omnidirectional antenna, Yagi antennas, and a GPS timing antenna. The fiberglass antenna is IP66 certified. The GPS timing antenna and a mobile magnet GPS antenna are IP67 certified. Yagi antennas have corrosion and humidity resistant powder coat. Most of E/M Wave outdoor antennas are designed to operate at temperatures from -40° to 85° C.