Police Scanner Antennas

Police scanner antennas

E/M Wave police scanner antennas operate on 100 MHz, 400 MHz, and 800 MHz frequency bands. E/M Wave NMO whip antennas, low profile antennas, and NMO dual band antennas are used with a mobile police scanner, two-way radio antennas - with a handheld police scanner, and a Yagi antenna - with a base police scanner. Two NMO antennas can be connected to one mobile scanner using E/M Wave 100 MHz / 400-800 MHz duplexer. This duplexer is used in an antenna kit to combine a 100 MHz antenna with a dual band 400 / 800 MHz antenna to operate on all three 100/400/800 MHz bands. E/M Wave also produces a 40 lb pull force NMO magnet mount and NMO bulkhead mounts.

Antennas by Frequency