TB 1: Comparison Between Plunger Pin and Leaf Spring Contacts Used in Traditional Land Mobile and Public Safety Vehicular Antennas

October 05, 2010
Myth: Plunger Pin Contacts provide better mechanical performance and reliability than traditional Leaf Spring designs.
Fact: It is true that Plunger Pin Contacts can be designed to provide reliable mechanical and electrical performance. Manufacturer’s plunger pin products vary widely in design, but the key performance criteria are limited and determined by the specific attention paid to the details in their respective designs. Other factors include the relative care the antenna-mount interface receives during multiple couplings and de-couplings. The key points to consider when selecting a plunger pin include:
  • Spring, Plunger and Retainer interface tolerances; critical to prevent pin hang‐ups and sticking when exposed to inevitable moisture from car wash or o‐ring loss or damage.
  • Spring and plunger contact material choice (brass, stainless steel, phosphor bronze).
  • Surface plating quality (none, silver, gold, etc.).
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