E/M Wave produces NMO mobile antennas for installation on vehicles, including whip antennas with and without springs, dual band antennas and GPS antennas, for communicating on VHF and UHF frequencies, including public safety, ISM, LTE and Wi-Fi bands. E/M Wave designs antennas with emphasis on performance and durability, that is why E/M Wave whip antennas have a one-piece stainless steel whip, a base with no dissimilar metals, and a TPV overmold for weatherproofing the NMO contacts. E/M Wave also produces portable antennas as an OEM replacement for two-way portable radios made by Motorola, Harris, Kenwood, and other Land Mobile and Public Safety Radio manufacturers. E/M Wave has a set of fixed wireless access and base station antennas for communicating with mobile and portable antennas. They include LTE antennas, ceiling DAS antennas, omnidirectional fiberglass base station antennas, and directional Yagi antennas.

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