Whip Antennas

Whip Antennas

E/M Wave mobile whip antennas are used in combination with Public Safety and Land Mobile vehicular radios. Typical vehicle installations include surface mount to ambulances, police cars, and fire equipment, including railway locomotives for communication on VHF and UHF frequency bands for public safety, ISM, telemetry, and IoT applications. E/M Wave mobile whip antennas feature

  • NMO connectors with a dual seal configuration comprised of an O-ring and over-molded TPV dust skirt for weatherproofing of the connector,
  • Black chrome plated stainless steel whips for durability and highly conductive RF signal,
  • Flexible polymer alloy springs for low noise operation, extended durability and resistance to environmental ingress and damage.

E/M Wave mobile antennas can be attached to combine an E/M Wave GPS Antenna for a single hole mount by installing a unique GPS Combination antenna mount. Additionally, VHF and UHF/700/800 MHz antennas can be connected to a dual band mobile radio through an E/M Wave VHF/UHF/700/800 MHz Duplexer.

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