Custom Design / OEM Solutions

Standard Off-the-Shelf vs. Custom Antenna Design Considerations

  • Can a standard off-the-shelf antenna meet our design requirements?
    • Antenna manufacturer specifications vary making off-the-shelf antenna selection difficult and confusing.
  • Will custom designed antenna solutions maximize wireless performance?
    • With a custom designed antenna you control the design requirements ensuring optimum performance.
  • How do we evaluate which antenna integration approach will work best?
    • Off-the-shelf involves trial, error, and extensive sourcing efforts. Custom design antennas match project requirements, reduce risk, and accelerate go to market activities.

Why Choose E/M Wave Custom Antenna Solutions?

Our application based custom antennas address specific design challenges, production and manufacturing requirements, and deliver superior performance and reliability.

  • World class talent focused on your product conception, design, and production requirements.
  • Dedicated engineering and design teams located both domestically and internationally.
  • Designed in E/M Wave rugged reliability and superior antenna performance.
  • Highly reliable, quality centric manufacturing delivering high-volume, value priced antenna design and manufacturing solutions - reducing your time to market, and increasing project ROI.

E/M Wave offers custom design and manufacturing of mobile, fixed station, and portable antennas, including OEM replacement antennas. Below are current designs available for production.

Cross References between Portable OEM Antennas and E/M Wave Antennas